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ABOC Spring Baskets

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Supporting our seniors & veterans in the DMV!

Looking for a way to give back to the community this Spring?

Does your child or a child you know need community service hours??


Are you interested in becoming a community partner??




The donation drive has been extended through Wednesday, April 12th

We're still short on items. So far we have collected...

-- 0 out of 600 granola bars

-- 100 out of 600 canned goods

-- 80 out of 600 rolls of toilet tissue

-- 48 out of 600 rolls of paper towels

-- 75 non-perishable items

-- 300 out of 600 face masks

-- 0 out of 300 bottles of dish detergent

-- 12 out of 300 bottles of hand soap

-- 100 out of 300 hand sanitizer (travel size)

-- 24 out of 300 disinfecting wipes (travel size)

Please visit to find out how to make a donation or volunteer your time.

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