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Civics 101 in Today's America

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Civics in 2022 “In God WE Trust”

Key Words: Federalism, Democracy, Consensus, Heritage, Will of the People


In a world founded upon the fundamentals of Christianity with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness deeply rooted in an American people dedicated to democracy and rule of law, there seems to be an unprecedented change in thought and commitment to the great experiment.

Too often we hear “the people want” but the will of the people is determined through the vote, not personal opinion.

Great experiment in democracy? An experiment is defined as a method to test a hypothesis or, in other words, a test to see if something will work. Since 1776, the terms freedom and democracy have defined who we are; from the heroics of the minutemen, the Fighting 54th, and the Greatest Generation to today, the rule of law and allegiance to the Constitution of the United States have allowed our one nation under God to rise to new heights while overcoming foreign and domestic threats.

Threats from communism, fascism and domestic terrorism have long endangered the idealism of men and women who embrace a world built upon capitalism, free enterprise and equality for all people. However, the historical wisdom and commitment of the people envisioned a mighty military capable of defending by war and/or through deterrence a government with three branches; Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

“The creation of a federal government rather than a confederal government places national leadership in the hands of a national government with the States maintaining rights as well.”

Think About It...

From the 1700s to the 21st Century, America has grown into the #1 democracy in the world. Not based on an experiment, but due to an absolute commitment by the people based on heritage, immigration and naturalization. Now, we face the greatest challenge since the Civil War that ended in 1865.


A nation divided, due to any reason, is in peril of defeat; defeat by foreign or domestic enemies determined to dissolve fundamental norms. Consequently, the strength of a UNITED America lies within the heart of a people determined to stand upon the shoulders of determined predecessors who fought and paid the ultimate sacrifice for our posterity. They accepted federal government leadership, accepted states rights, accepted a nation that grows more prosperous due to the involvement of immigrants, and agreed to disagree - with consensus and deliberation as a general practice versus compromise and division.

“The practice of ‘compromise' has become synonymous with winning or losing rather than agreement based on what’s good for the people and ultimately the nation”.

Moving Forward

People committed to maintaining the evolution of the State can not destroy that which works and maintain the status quo on the world stage. The federal government determines the rule of law, Congress approves the laws and budget, and the judicial branch determines constitutionally. Nonetheless, each of the 50 States maintains self rule. That’s it!

In our “republic” we vote for people to represent us at local, state and national levels of government. Thus, destroying the republic opens doors for dictatorship, dysfunction and destruction of the great experiment. Therefore, each citizen must choose wisely — consensus or anarchy. I choose consensus in order to pass to future generations a system of government encouraging rule of law based on Truth and Trust, with the predominant principle of “in God We Trust”; with equality, justice and humanity at the core. Oh yes, and with liberty whereas all are welcomed to participate In a land where hate has no place and all people matter.


J. A. Dula, PhD


“Voting is the foundation of our US republic: don’t complain, VOTE!”


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