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Allentown Discount Pharmacy

What sets our pharmacy apart from the competition?

Often times I'm asked about "What sets our pharmacy apart from the competition?" So, I'll briefly elaborate on our vision and practice.

In 2018 my partner, Dr. Sumit Dua, my wife, Ashley Majolagbe and I decided to open a pharmacy that truly serves the community. We noticed, in our experience, the decline of practice standards such as customer service, medication information counseling, and simple things like picking up phone calls and making pharmacy visits an educative experience. Most companies start with great ideas and later deviate due to focus on profits and streamlining costs.

We knew the aim of any business was to make profits, but the service doesn't have to be subpar. Poor pharmacy reviews make it a chore to understand treatment and essentials of healthcare. Our aim was to bring quality care to our community at an affordable cost. How are we planning to achieve this? The initial encounter with our pharmacy staff is intense; we educate you on your medications and answer questions. Later, you get a text alert with video explaining everything you need to know about your medications.

Patients have been tremendously surprised that we call to give them updates, do deliveries, pick up the phone quickly, and return calls promptly! We also have an array of in-store items to purchase that beats out major competitors. We seek to practice in the "Word of God" treating our neighbors as ourselves. Our vaccination and prescription process has been very smooth because we leveraged cutting edge, premium tier software aimed at giving discounts, and manufacturer help for our clientele.

We hate to "toot our own horn" but we are proud of the reviews we received on Google for the past 3 years! We are surely impacting the community as we desired when we set out. Our aim now is to enhance our visibility in the community and win their trust to be the PHARMACY for Allentown regions of Temple Hills, Camp Springs, Suitland, Oxon Hill, Clinton, and beyond. Together, we will built an excellently performing woman & minority owned Black business. Our quality and services are second to none.

Regards, Dr. Howard A. Majolagbe, PharmD, DCP, AAHIVM VP Operations: PrecisionRx, LLC Manager: Allentown Discount Pharmacy 240-855-0227

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