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A New Day with Old Principles

Our faith is our strength.

During this Dr. King Holiday, let us realize ‘We error when we overlook inside resources while looking to outside resources to save our day’.

Let us remember, unified communities depend on smart infrastructure development - thus, intergenerational interaction is vital.

Let us remember Across America today - as we celebrate Dr. King’s birthday - that we as a people will only achieve Americas promise of equality with prosperity for all by envisioning our strengths and using our resources to change complacency into comprehensive success.

In 2023 my generation fought during and experienced the civil rights movement — a need to focus on black rights under the constitution of the United States of America — the same constitution that suppressed black achievements, black presence, the black vote and black human rights.

However, today we have progressed in many ways (intellectually, politically, economically and somewhat socially); but, still fall prey to the supremacy theories of others. Too many political figures clamp down under critical race theory and southern strategies in an effort to once again suppress black awareness in the name of self preservation.

The dream was realized, then; however, today the new vision is asking of each of us “How must we move forward while still dreaming?”.

I suggest that during this Dr. King holiday we:

A. Practice unity with focus on creating a community of caring.

B. Realize the greatest strength of any community is supporting key causes from inside out - not outside in;

C. The dependent Plantation support theory must be replaced by self-sufficiency with education awareness based on historical facts becoming institutionalized.

D. Enlightenment through generational interaction: generations must realize strength is derived by way of unified effort, consensus building and commitment.

“Each one Teach one!”

“The best weapon to raise up any person or community is through the trigger of education.”

That’s my interpersonal moment.

Get it??? If not - ask someone!!!

An educational fact you should know:

Columbus didn't discover a new continent that already existed, he merely stumbled upon it through his ignorance.

Study Mansa Musa and the great kingdom of Ancient Mali.

Your Knowledge Matters, learn and teach,


Dr. J. A. DULA

Retired Teacher & Black History Educator

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