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A Hope and Vote for Tomorrow

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

The power of the vote can be the weakness during the period when voting counts most. Think about it... How often have you heard, "I am not going to vote because my vote doesn't matter" Heard that often? Then after the vote, the same person complains about controversial issues in their neighborhood, community, county or state. What is wrong with this scenario? The phrase and aftereffect have become too costly in past elections when people tell you "What have you got to lose".

The power to vote is the power to rule in a society where majority rules. During certain periods of history, the very existence of people and societies were determined by those who did not vote versus those who did vote. To clarify that phrase, think about this. If I don't vote and another person does vote, that is a vote for their candidate and one less for the person you may have wanted to see in a political seat. So, your vote doesn't count? I often say if you have no opinion, don't care about your future nor the future of your children, then, stay home and let others decide your destiny. Let others decide how much money you will make, if your streets will be repaired, the amount of taxes you will pay, if you are for or against life or life matters, and too, let others decide on your fate as a person and that of your family. Does that feel comfortable?

I believe in voting and rallying others to vote. Growing up in a household that included a World War II veteran who believed in supporting the United States of America by supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States. My dad served in the Navy in the Pacific performing hazardous duty. I had no choice but to also believe because my father led by example and I was his son. Back in the day, that actually meant something as values and rites of passage were commonplace within the greatest generation. Nonetheless, we were groomed to vote because so many people had fought, marched and died for our right to do so. Remember the Civil Rights Movement with brothers and sisters marching hand in hand to acquire equal rights?

Throughout history we have been an American society in search of ourselves due to a great experiment called "democracy". Democracy is based on a capitalistic society whereas free enterprise is at the root of our social and financial foundations. Here's a question for all the nonvoters:

If the rule of law is hijacked by an elected official that you had no choice in supporting, how might that make you feel?

Would you sit back during the 2022 election and accept the consequences knowing you had no voice because you did not exercise your voice or vote?

Or, would you finally see the light when your taxes are raised, your schools not being able to teach the truth if it includes race, or, would you be content when your happiness is challenged due to gerrymandering of your community which may result in your forced relocation?

Now I ask you again, "does your vote matter"?

If you now see the light and wish to be an example for the next generation of young Americans, I suggest you do several things:

A. Take a look at who is running for office

B. Take a look at their history; personal and political

C. Take a look to see if their ideas and platform matches your beliefs

I have always believed, you must know the players in order to know how to play the game (or vote). Therefore, if you complete A through B above, I suggest you proceed to the poles and "vote your knowledge".

Think about it!!!

J. A. Dula


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